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I like to swing from trees. Well, more like hang from trees! My love for nature wasn’t quite complete until I found the Tentsile brand of swinging hammocks (also referred to as hanging tree houses). Imagine a sturdy platform strung between two trees. That’s what Tentsile was going for and successfully created! It’s a different world up in the trees when you’re amongst the tallest of trees.


Tentsile is unique in that for every tent sold, Tentsile plants three trees. They are socially conscious in their message, design and delivery. Tentsile supports organizations such as and donates to disaster-striken areas. They’ve also boosted their tree planting efforts in September 2016 when they partnered with, a nonprofit that restores healthy forests in places like Haiti and Madagascar.

Tentsile tents are built to last. Each tent will leave no ecological footprint, meaning you can take it to a festival, campsite or expedition and leave no trace or waste behind. Each tent also comes equip with a pouch for storing supplies. In my experience, it’s best to keep the hammock about 4 to 5 feet off of the ground. Tentsile tents are revolutionizing the music festival experience and bringing together a community of individuals supporting a greener view from atop the trees.

Support the cause and purchase a tent for your every outdoor and wanderlust desire. Click here to browse and purchase!

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