Lotus Pavé Earrings from Follow Your Love

Lotus Pave Earrings from Follow Your Love

Get Your Lotus Pavé Earrings Here:

Lotus Pavé Earrings from Follow Your Love

This gorgeous 18kt white & rose gold earrings pave’ set has 0.7cts + 2 center grown diamonds equaling 1.4cts (0.70cts each)

I color SI2 clarity.

Purchasing this item will afford 12 people in Uganda access to clean water.

Do you know the story of conflict diamonds – also called blood diamonds? Diamond mining, a more than $8 Billion dollar industry – is clouded with human rights atrocities including funding anti-government civil war, child labor, and artisan poverty. We’ve written about the true cost of our diamonds here. Please take a moment to educate yourself before buying your next diamond.

ARTICLE EXCERPT: They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but what they don’t say could leave many women questioning our engagement tradition.  Diamonds were first discovered in South Africa in the late 1800s and became the most popular choice for engagement rings in the 1940s. The impact of the diamond business over the last 200+ years has left us scratching our heads as to why we choose to continue to fuel the demand for this non-renewable natural resource. ….READ MORE HERE.

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