FuroShiki Snacksack Kits

FuroShiki Snacksack Kits

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Made and Offered by ECOlunchbox

ECOsnacksack Kit

The Furoshiki ECOsnacksack Kit includes an ECOsnacksack plus 2 ECOlunchpod snack containers plusspork.

With one easy tie, you can say goodbye to plastic baggies! Inspired by traditional furoshiki eco bags from Japan, the snack sack is a chic and versatile lunch solution. Whether you’re packing a piece of fruit, a few ECOlunchbox snack containers or something else, we think you’ll love our versatile little totes.

The ECOsnacksack is sewn from colorful artisan block prints.

  • ECOsnacksack measures 7 inches wide by 16 inches tall. Machine wash, tumble dry.
  • Handmade in India.
  • The spork is made of sustainably grown bamboo.
  • Snack containers are steel.


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