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THINX: Periodically Empowering Women

THINX Period Panties: Empowering Women
Written by Isabelle Marsh

A Critical Monthly Need

Young girls across the world face an unfortunate (equally changeable) epidemic: missing school due to limited access to feminine products. For more than 40 million women in this country and those around the world, access to basic necessities is not a question. In the United States, a year’s supply of feminine products can cost, on average, $70. It’s not covered by food stamps, giving an unfair advantage to those who are otherwise unable to purchase these products. Homeless women in the U.S. have few sanitary spaces. They are often subjected to public toilets (or lack thereof). We found a product that can help: THINX.

Due to lack of feminine products, about 10% of schoolgirls in African countries are unable to attend school or are forced to drop out entirely, according to UNICEF. The statistics seem unusual – why does a ‘simple’ feminine product cause girls to miss school? What does this mean for young girls? Young girls who cannot attend school are often married young, sold into sex slavery, pregnant, without education and subject to fewer job opportunities. Some may be forced to drop-out of school because they are unable to attend.

THINX: Empowering Women And Young Girls

Introducing, The Girl Effect:

“The Girl Effect is a movement based on the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world. It’s about getting girls on to the global development stage and driving massive resources to them.”

THINX supports The Girl Effect. Providing a young girl with access to feminine products will help keep a young girl in school, therefore keeping her educated and a contributor on a global scale.

THINX is redefining how we view our periods. They’ve developed a method of reusable undies that can be worn during menstruation. THINX is made up of new technology. It’s anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant. The top layer blocks and fights bacteria and absorbs any liquid into the ultra thin layer right beneath it. You can remain dry! Each style below is geared towards the flow of your period.

The THINX Styles:

The Hiphugger – for the start to a heavy day (day 1)
The Hi-Waist – for heavy days (when you need a change from the Hiphugger)
The Boyshort – for heavy days (when you’re ready to change up the style!)
The Sport – medium flow days (when it’s almost over)
The Cheeky – for light days (when you’re on the home stretch)
The Thong – for super light days (because why not?)

Thinx gives the option to Build A Cycle-Set Kit. Not only will you save some money, but your undies will be catered to your cycle. Change it up, try them out. Don’t fret – THINX is very sanitary. Each pair is lined with antimicrobial lining to help fight unwanted and hidden bacteria.

Here’s the power of your purchase:

  1. Buy one or more pairs of undies (yay for undies!)
  2. THINX sends partial funds to AFRIpads, an organization in Uganda with 130 employees.
  3. AFRIpads helps to train women to be self-starters. Women learn to sew and sell reusable cloth pads. (Kaboom! Women become entrepreneurs). At the same time, women help create less waste from feminine products by creating a reusable product that can easily be washed.
  4. Just like that – the power of the purchase is complete. A young girl is able to purchase a pack of pads that’ll last for about a month.

THINX is changing the stigma associated with periods. THINX wearers are out, loud and proud over the over arching message: support THINX and empower a young girl. Co-founder Miki Agrawal and twin sister Radha endured many messy periods. Both have designed, created, tailored and produced a product with a cause behind its name. Try them out and see for yourself!

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Isabelle Marsh

Isabelle Marsh is a freelance writer out of Missouri with a background in nutrition consulting and wellness. She is currently writing a children's book to educate young children on the importance of eating pesticide-free foods.

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