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New Kids On The (Green) Block: A MADE SAFE Review

Made Safe Review
Written by Julia Eden

MADE SAFE Review: A New Certification

There’s a new non-profit watchdog in town and they are on a mission to do…exactly what their name implies. MADE SAFE is encouraging every product to obtain their certification so that we can feel comfortable about the toxicity of the ingredients in our products. The struggle to know whether a particular ingredient has a long name because it’s dangerous is real! MADE SAFE is looking to take a little more of the guess work out of shopping, adding an extra piece of peace of mind. In the organization’s own words:

“We make it easy for consumers to know if products contain ingredients that are safe for use on their babies, bodies, and in their homes. Shopping our seal is think-proof. It’s also the first time the American public has been given the ability to know what products are safe to use at the point of purchase. Some say this idea is revolutionary. Others say it’s too hard. We say the idea is simple: Products should do no harm. We say the time has come.”

MADE SAFE Founder and Executive Director, Amy Ziff, in a TEDx Talk discusses the unprecedented toxic exposure that we face in our world where diseases linked to toxic chemicals like cancer, auto-immune disorders, early-onset puberty, infertility, Alzheimers, ADHD, diabetes, and obesity are on the rise.

How It Works

By keeping an extensive database of all potentially harmful ingredients, as well as extensive notes on how they interact and react at various stages in the manufacturing process, MADE SAFE is able to work directly with companies that want to provide safe products to their customers. This is achieved through investigating their production practices and testing finished products. For the consumer, MADE SAFE is an easy-to-spot certification on approved brands and products, as well as a convenient online-directory. For those of us that don’t have the time to painstakingly research every brand we wish to purchase from, the online directory, searchable by brand or product, is a great starting point to finding those items you can’t remember living without.

How It’s Different From Those Other Guys

At last tally, there were a few certifications available to products and companies that have long been in our sustainable-arsenals: cruelty-free for the animals, fair trade for the workers, and organic for the crops. MADE SAFE then, is like non-toxic for the people. By focusing on the toxicity of ingredients and materials across a brand, they help to ensure that not only is the end-user protected, but also that the employees who make it suffer less from exposure. There is a lot of information about individual ingredients and materials available to the casual consumer with an internet connection. But, MADE SAFE is the first entity that is collating the material, adding further research, and presenting it back in an easy-to-use format.

How You Can Help

Like most non-profit businesses in the world, MADE SAFE takes donations. If you are money rich and time poor this is a great way to contribute to a worthy cause for people of all walks of life. However, MADE SAFE does not end their interaction with the public there, and this is where it really gets interesting.

You can host an event. Don’t get scared, keep reading. When I first came across this fact I groaned at another company using the let’s-all-get-together-and-drink-wine-and-buy-stuff marketing campaigns. But, this is not that! It is so much cooler! Just contact the organization to set up a Lunch & Learn with a guest MADE SAFE speaker. I mean, how neat is that?

One Year Anniversary

With their one year anniversary passed just this March, the progress they’ve made is impressive. The comprehensive directory of toxic chemicals and how they interact with each other that the organization has already compiled is no simple feat, but the amount of companies already certified is a true step beyond. Personally, I will be adding the MADE SAFE symbol to my mental checklist library for all of my shopping needs, and I’m quite excited to see how far they go!MADE SAFE Review

So if you have a preferred brand you’re wondering about, do your consumer duty and reach out to that brand about MADE SAFE. Implore them to become certified and push them to do better. Just like with BCorps and Give Back Box, it is up to you to help the brands you love gain exposure to the certifications and processes that will make them the absolute best they can be.

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