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Krochet Kids Review: Three Friends on a Mission

Written by Julia Eden

Krochet Kids Review: Making Washington Proud

I hope you’ll forgive me for this indulgence, but I just have to take a moment to talk about the pride I feel for my home state. The mountains are incredible, the hiking and biking and boating are bar none, and the shorelines are infinite. I know it is often said, but it is true that this land inspires people to do better. Many times over (I have honestly lost count), I have discovered a brand, fallen in love, and then later found out it is either based in Washington State, or the founders are from here originally. An example of this is present in Krochet Kids, a nonprofit started by a trio of childhood friends.

Getting It Right

Originally from Spokane in Eastern Washington, Kohl, Travis, and Stewart founded Krochet Kids in response to both a love and a mission. Combining their high school crochet hobby with the issues surrounding poverty, observed during their travels around the world, they developed their company from a desire to ease suffering through empowerment. And again, we see the increasingly familiar call to arms: self-sufficiency. Seemingly adhering to the rule of three’s, the guys provide jobs, education, and mentorships, with a 3-year commitment, to women in disadvantaged areas. Though only working in Uganda and Peru currently, there are big plans to sweep the globe with the Krochet Kids brand.

Krochet Kids Review

Kohl Crecelius, CEO & Co-Founder of Krochet Kids (left) with two of his childhood friends and fellow Krochet Kids co-founders, Travis and Stewart

For fans of the brand, they’ve included a special label on each item featuring the signature of the woman who made it. Go to the website to read the story of your garment’s maker, and then get in touch with her directly, via the comments. Not only do you get to observe, first-hand, the impact your purchase made on someone else’s life, you also get to infuse your purchase with a story, connecting you with this piece in a very real way.

Spotlight On: Laker Rose

Laker Rose has one of those heartbreaking stories that tend to come to mind when thinking of war-torn countries like Uganda. Though the region is stabilizing, the memories are not erased, and Rose, after being abducted at 9 and forced into marriage and motherhood, now wears the smile of a woman who has regained her control.

Room For Improvement

Though Krochet Kids has built themselves to be all about the social aspect, their commitment to quality means there are options for those looking to hit the eco-trifecta: people, planet, animals. There are many natural fiber options, but watch out for those synthetics! There is a whole line made exclusively of organic cotton, and many of the beanies are available in a sustainably-sourced alpaca yarn, but there is also viscose (a regenerated textile that is almost eco, but requires a lot of chemicals to produce), and a lot of the dreaded acrylic. Luckily, the fiber content is front and center on the product pages so it’s super easy to find the piece that works for you.

Spotlight On: Lamwaka Harriet

Krochet Kids

Struggling economies can hurt even the most hard-working, and Lamwaka is an example of that. Applying her knitting skills to making sweaters for school kids, the work was dwindling and ends were becoming harder to gather together, until Krochet Kids stepped in and helped her use her skills to get back to full-time work. Through the education and mentorship programs provided as part of the job, Lamwaka is hoping soon to use her savings to open her own business and gain true independence.

The Line

You may be thinking Krochet Kids is all about the crocheting, and you’d be both right and wrong. The line is constantly refreshing, keeping the items available in limited batches only, so your purchase stays uniquely you. And yes there are crocheted beanies and scarves, but there are also tops and dresses and hoodies and bags and some pretty adorable stuffed animals. Not overlooking the guys or the wee-tinys, Krochet Kids creates pieces that are both timeless and individual, for all genders and ages. Slouchy sweatshirts, laid-back tee’s, and accented accessories all lend themselves to that snowboarder-during-the-off-season style, and the beanies are simply the cherry on top!

Spotlight On: Adelaida Mato Tolentino

Krochet Kids Review

Growing up in Peru may or may not be more difficult than where you grew up, but Adelaida’s story is one that is familiar, no matter where you live. With a family that needed her help, she dropped out of school early and went to work taking care of her sister and her home. She is now able to continue her education through her job, finally taking care of herself, as well as her family. And just like me, she loves the outdoors and volleyball.

From the lofty goals of their sustainable Kick-starter campaign, to the full collection they showcase today, Krochet Kids has grown and developed in truly impressive ways. So check them out next time you discover the moths got in and destroyed all of your cozy-noggin knits. And, don’t be scared to reach out and ask more of them – these guys are on a mission to be the best so let them know what the best looks like to you!

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