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The Kantha Collection: Empowering Women and Saving the Environment

Kantha Collection
Written by Dana Adams

Meet the Kantha Collection

Kantha Collection produces vibrant, unique throw blankets that achieve amazing results for society and the environment. They come in almost any color or pattern you could imagine. These truly beautiful items have an even greater purpose. This business is a mixture of artistry, empowerment, and environmentalism.

Empowering Women Through Trade

Bengali kantha making chant:

“Slowly one stitches old cloth. Slowly one travels the path. And slowly one climbs to the top of the mountain.”

The Kantha Collection, which sells handcrafted throws and accessories, are embroidered in the traditional Kantha style. Kantha, meaning scrap cloth, is a type of quilting that Southeast Asian women have practiced for centuries. Now they are using this skill to achieve self-sustainability.

Female artisans in India are responsible for producing all Kantha products. They are not sweatshop workers, slave laborers, or domestic servants. They are skilled crafters who support themselves and their families.

Kantha Collection Empowering Women

Bengali women sewing a kantha quilt. Photo Credit: Geoff Oliver Bugbee.

Saving the Environment

The Kantha Collection is also doing it’s part to save the environment.  By using reclaimed fabrics, the company is limiting fabric waste and preventing textile wastewater pollution — which is one of the largest contributors to Indian water pollution today. Not only are they saving the environment, but each item is truly unique.

Textile factories in India mostly uses chemicals and discharge wastewater into municipal drains and river without treatment. Photo credit: M. Govarthan

Buy Kantha Collection, Support Their Causes

The Kantha Collection is continuously working to expand their product line to also include furniture with features kantha quilts. You can discover the unique beauty and significance of the Kantha Collection through their website,

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