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ECOlunchbox: The Healthier, Planet-Friendly Lunchbox

Written by Isabelle Marsh

If you want your kid’s lunches to be snazzier, friendlier, greener and easier to pack, then you should consider switching from a traditional brown bag to the ECOlunchbox. ECOlunchboxes are relatively new to the market and have redefined the amount of plastic in your cabinets.


The ECOlunchbox is made from silicone, a substance that becomes silica when mixed with oxygen. It’s one of earth’s natural elements, meaning it’s non-toxic. That is great news for your kiddos!

The Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Alternative

Nearly 35 million plastic bottles are thrown away by Americans each year. In theory, we could save 1 billion gallons of oil and 44 million cubic yards of landfill space annually if we simply recycle or use alternative options to plastic containers.


Reducing dependence on plastics is a good way to safeguard our health and our planet.

It doesn’t end there. Studies have shown that BPA, an active chemical in plastic, can seep into beverages and containers. Additionally, BPA is linked to some cancers, heart disease and increased blood pressure. This is as concerning as it is avoidable!

Just think about the number of children, per day, who use plastic bottles or plastic containers. It’s a large number that is skyrocketing with the societal mindset: “Use it once, throw it away.”

A Healthier Way to a Zero Waste Lunch

A simple change in thinking is what led founders of the ECOlunchbox to consider a friendly solution to an age-old problem. Their lunch sacks, box and bento options reduce the risk of vinyl, plastic and aluminum contamination. They’re affordable and will save money in the future. No longer will you have to replace plastic containers that have become flimsy or worn out. ECOlunchboxes are long lasting, dishwasher safe and trusted for years of packed lunches.


ECOlunchboxes offer co-branding.

ECOlunchbox Making Change at Lunchtime

To better understand the impact of ECOlunchboxes, let’s look at the Planet Impact Study, which shows the impact of a simple change. After gathering a group of MBA students, here’s what they learned:

  • More than 225,000 lunch boxes are sold
  • Reusable lunch boxes divert millions of plastics from oceans and landfills
  • That means…ECOlunchbox offsets about 2.5 million pounds of burning coal

Consider switching your everyday lunch bag out for an ECOlunchbox. ECOlunchbox makes it easy to scroll through products, recipes and read their message of responsibility.

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Isabelle Marsh

Isabelle Marsh is a freelance writer out of Missouri with a background in nutrition consulting and wellness. She is currently writing a children's book to educate young children on the importance of eating pesticide-free foods.

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