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Get a Taste of Earthpaste (Review)

Written by Dana Adams

Earthpaste Review: The Genesis

“We couldn’t find a toothpaste that we felt good about using for ourselves and our families that also worked great.”

Thus, Earthpaste was born. Remonds began making Earthpaste when they realized that there were no products in supermarkets that don’t have unnecessary additives.


Clay, You Say?

That’s right! Earthpaste is made out of just 5 ingredients: water, Redmond Clay (food-grade bentonite clay), salt, xylitol, and a blend of essential oils. There is no fluoride, foaming agents, coloring, or glycerin. Unlike other toothpastes on the market, this one also has no palm oil. Palm oil production contributes to deforestation, climate change, and threatens several endangered species like the orangutan.

For just 5 ingredients, they all do a lot. Redmond’s clay acts as a cleanser and is absolutely safe for consumption. Because this toothpaste is sold in California, they must label (due to proposition 65) that there are trace amounts of lead—but stay calm. First, all things that come out of the earth have trace amounts of lead in them. This includes carrots, potatoes, clay and more. It is such a minute amount of lead, it has no affect on your body or your health.

Earthpaste Review

Earthpaste Review: Each tube of Earthpaste contains about 0.00001 oz. of lead, which means each brushing contains around 0.0000002 oz – which is about 1/400th the size of a grain of sand.

The xylitol used in Earthpaste comes from birch trees and corn. It helps prevent bacteria in the mouth and balance pH levels. But, if you don’t want any xylitol in your toothpaste, their Spearmint flavor is xylitol free.

A Short Chemistry Lesson

Bentonite clay is “activated” with water, turning it into a negative charged ion that binds to positive charges. Heavy metals, like lead, have positive charges. In Earthpaste, the water binds to the lead, then with the clay it is expelled from the body through your mouth.

The amount of lead in parts per million in the clay (12ppm) is less than what the EPA considered to be the amount of lead in uncontaminated soil (between 7-20ppm). To date, there is no known case of lead poisoning resulting from contact with bentonite clay.

Earthpaste Will Protect More than Your Teeth

As we briefly mentioned above, Earthpaste is one of the few brands of toothpaste on the market that is palm oil free. Palm oil is an ingredient in toothpaste brands, including big names like Colgate.

Earthpaste Review: Palm Oil Danger

Earthpaste Review: Palm oil has become one of the world’s leading causes of rainforest destruction. It is also among the biggest threats driving iconic wildlife species to the brink of extinction.     Photos by iLCP Fellow Paul Hilton

Palm oil production has lead to the destruction of vital rainforest habitats, threatens already endangered species, like the orangutan or the Sumatran tiger, and often involves human rights violations.

Because Earthpaste is palm oil free, that means that your money will not be added to the destructive cycle of supply and demand.

You can learn more about Earthpaste or ask your own questions here.

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