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A Perfect Night’s Sleep: The Soaring Heart Review

The Linden Collection from the Soaring Heart Review
Written by Julia Eden

The Comfort Connundrum

Organic, buy it for life, zero waste, synthetic free, donations with purchase, handmade, local where possible, cruelty-free, biodegradable, recycles… Did I miss any?

“Why buy a mattress with a five-year lifespan, when you can buy one that is warrantied for 20 years and can be rebuilt/reconditioned at minimal cost if it gets soiled or compressed?  When you purchase – think ​of how you will throw away or recycle not only the packaging but the product itself. Polyester fabrics, foams, and plastic components will never decompose – so why support those industries when you can buy biodegradable products?” -Mike Shaefer, Owner and President, Soaring Heart

This list reads like the sustainable buzzword mantra for perfection. But in this case, it merely sums up the practices already in place at Soaring Heart Natural Beds, a mattress and bedding accessories company based in Seattle. But I am not in the habit of taking anything at its (buzz)word. So let me guide you through what these issues mean to the people that make Soaring Heart a company.

An Owner With Heart

Mike Shaefer is extremely logical. And that logic is woven throughout the business. His dedication to sustainability, evident throughout the operations and final products from Soaring Heart, reads less like a list of try-hard practices forced on a business trying to be green, and more like a big, fat duh(!) to the rest of the industry. Going green was not something the bedding brand tried to incorporate. They integrated it into every aspect of the business from the ground up.

Natural Bedding from Soaring Heart - The Soaring Heart Review

Natural Bedding from Soaring Heart

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

My favorite example of this easy-integration is in the brand’s advertising practices. They promote the brand exclusively on public radio and TV. While the implications of this may not be immediately obvious, it should quickly dawn that any advertising revenue generated by public entities goes towards maintaining the broadcast. In other words, the more NPR and PBS make from advertising, the less your Anne of Green Gables marathon gets interrupted by the unceasing begging for your money. But if you’re not yet confident about why public broadcasting is so important, please watch this short clip of Mr. Rogers addressing the US Senate Commerce Committee in 1969.

And this approach continues throughout all aspects of operation at Soaring Heart:

  • The brand donates 1% of annual revenue to worthy causes
  • They host events like their Pillow Build for the good of the community
  • Old mattresses are picked up from customers during delivery and recycled responsibly
  • The list of certifications they have is a mile long
  • Soaring Heart makes all of their branded products, by hand, in the Seattle workshop 
  • 100% LGBT+ owned business (NGLCC certified)
The Total Zen Sleep Collection from Soaring Heart - The Soaring Heart Review

The Total Zen Sleep Collection from Soaring Heart

The Business Of Bedding

From the office to the production floor, this is a company for whom sustainability is not an aspect of the business, it is the business. This company is so ethical, they could probably sell you a bag full of rocks and it would still be the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

“Every time you curl up in one of our beds we want your heart to soar.” 

– Mike Shaefer

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With a passion born in rivers, Julia Eden has spent the last decade crusading for the environment. Educated in fashion design and English Literature, and skilled in dance, she is dedicated to finding the information needed to live a new and better life. While not quite a Luddite, she would very much like to live in a cave with a wolf and an internet connection.

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