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Rathiloka: 100% Cashmere Shawls

Rathiloka Cashmere Shawls
Written by Jonathan Lambert

100% Cashmere Shawls: Artisanal Fashions with Inspired Origins

Rathiloka is a curated collection of elegant, sustainable products; born from the belief that fashion should inspire us every step of the way. Our 100% cashmere shawls are made from the finest cashmere on Earth, ethically sourced from India.

It’s no secret that our world is inhabited with wondrous individuals, who dedicate their lives to touching us with their handcrafted goods and thoughtful designs. Yet, most of us never have a chance to meet them, because we saturate the market with over-processed, commercialized trends that force many artisans to abandon their true passions.

It’s our hope that we can create change by introducing these talented craftsmen to a global audience—one who can share in and directly relate to their powerful stories. We know, together, we can honor the true talents of these artists and help make the universe a little more beautiful; a little more connected.

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Jonathan Lambert

After years of covering Pop Culture & Entertainment news, Jonathan decided it was time to do… well, something that actually matters. Now, more than ever, he believes that we have an obligation to fight for disenfranchised people everywhere, protect our endangered planet and make a conscientious choice to purchase products that serve a greater purpose. After all, we are in this together. In addition to hopefully making the world a better, more sustainable place, he also dreams of never writing another article about the Kardashians. Please join us in this endeavor. Yes, even you, Kim.

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