To The World, From Molly With Love: A Review

From Molly With Love Natural, Simple Skin Care
Written by Julia Eden

Reviewing From Molly With Love

In the search for the perfect beauty regimen, I’m sure we’re all in the same boat: finding the ideal brand, one that features the right products with the right ingredients, is nearly impossible. Once you’ve weeded through the marketing buzz, what’s left is an ingredient list that begs the question, why would I need all of this? From unknown chemicals to profuse amounts of extracts and essential oils, the beauty industry is a boggy marsh of reeds, and all of these reeds are stunting my navigation.

But the end of Autumn is here, the marshlands recede as plants strip their prominence in time for Winter, and I can see the way clearly now. Let me introduce, From Molly With Love.

My Hair Thanks You

It’s Thanksgiving morning. The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and the energy surges, invigorated by the lightness of chilled air and the anticipation of a big feast. Wait, nope, sorry…I did it again. The overwhelming smell of rosemary in my Pacific Beach Sea Salt Hair Spray always transports me to the lightness of the holiday, but unfortunately, the heat of summer has lingered, I am sweaty, and my hair would be limp and frizzled if not for my amazing beach hair. I’m a low-maintenance kind of girl, and this is just my low-maintenance kind of care! With a total of 6 ingredients (including water), there is no wondering how it was made and what it’s all there for, there is only the “everyday luxury” of immersion in smell and texture.

My Face Loves You

In addition to the Sea Salt Spray, I was also able to experience the Rosewater Facial Cleanser and oh mama! that stuff is fantastic! One pump and I am in foam heaven. My face is looking healthier than ever, my baneful blackheads are shrinking, and the glow I see looking back at me from the mirror is inspiring. Instead of only seeing the wrinkles and bags, I now see my whole face. And I like it.

From Molly With Love Promotes Self Care

“There is no shame in my beauty game”
-Molly Beane

I Regret I Have But One Body To Give

I’d like to discuss this for just a moment, as I know it was an important lesson I learned, and maybe some of you are still getting the hang of it. Our skin is the only skin we will have, and while it regenerates, we are not lizards and at some point our tails stop growing back. Whether it’s sun damage, cheap and nasty ingredients, or simply a willing disregard, your skin is suffering. Since this organ absorbs on contact, should we not consider what we put on it?

Someone once pointed out to me all of the money I spend on my car, which is only an item, inanimate, and generally gets very little attention from me. From the initial cost to the price of maintenance, plus all of the little extras like cell phone clips, the swish wiper blades, and fancy engine oil treatments, the money adds up quickly. And I only spend a few hours a week in my car. But I spend 24 hours a day, everyday, with no chance for an upgrade, in my skin…So why am I not investing in it? That was the day I stopped buying St. Ives, and started reading the labels. I now have no qualms about taking care of myself, outside and in, and I would encourage everyone to do the same. Aside from making it last, in the best condition possible, for as long as possible, taking care of your body also feels simply luxurious.

The From Molly With Love Way

So thank you to Molly for finally making a product I am proud to promote. Thank you for your desire to bring your “everyday luxury” to us all. Your products are a sensory overload in the most fantastic way, and I have never looked better.

For more Molly Love, stay tuned for the interview with the founder herself, Molly Beane, coming soon!

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